Life at the Intersection of Art and Technology

Welcome, Culturesnag will examine a topic that is often overlooked: the relationship and interaction between art and technology.

Perhaps you are curious about when the relationship began. Was it during the end of the nineteenth century? Or had it begun during the middle ages in the hotly contested regions surrounding the Mediterranean? Was art better before our societies and cultures became industrialized?

We feel the influences have always been there. For us, art and technology are forever joined in a dance. The association is both broad and deep. It crosses cultural boundaries time and again. Your daily life is immersed in the results of that interface. Our chariots, temples, homes and clothing all bear genetic markers pointing back to the first time humanity sought to express itself in a cave drawing. Technology and art were together at the fire side creating a record of the hunt.

We will offer discourse on both current and historical aspects of the art/technology connection. Join us as Culturesnag comes to life.